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Beings specialists means we are able to offer you an array of flexible Virtual Reality delivery services. Whether you are looking for a full package service, from software and hardware to distribute to your own customers and clients, or perhaps a budget conscious streamlined Virtual Reality application we are able to work with you to design a tailor made project to meet your needs.

Unity3D & Unreal VR Production

Building in two industry leading 3D engines, we are able to bring your Virtual World to life with completely customizable interactivity. Anything from a simple seated passive VR experience to an entire VR game is possible. With complete flexibility on VR platforms means we are able to deliver content on both mobile devices, to be used in disposable headsets like the Google Cardboard, or higher end devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

360° Video Production

Using a variety of state of the art camera hardware and video stitching techniques we are able to offer you 360° video production for whatever your needs. If you are looking to shoot your next event in 360° or need a hybrid 360° video and CGI VR experience, K-Necting are able to make the magic happen.

Android & iOS VR Production

With a background in mobile application development, K-Necting are right at home in designing optimized and truly unique mobile VR content for both Android and iOS devices. Bring your VR application to life in a way that it can easily and quickly reach your target audience.

Virtual Reality Headsets

What would a VR application be without the VR headset to experience it? K-Necting knows the importance of a full package experience for our clients and therefore are able to offer branded VR headsets, including Google Cardboards v2, guaranteeing the smoothest and easiest VR experience for both our clients and their end user.

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